A1 Scan Scanning Service
A1scan are pleased to offer 35mm film and negative scanning. Xpan and medium format scanning is also available for either transparencies or negatives up to 5"x 4" formats. We use the latest digital scanning technology, to achieve the best possible scan at an affordable price. You can be sure of accurate colour reproduction as our scanners and monitors are profiled and calibrated regularly. All scanning takes place in our clean room scanning area. We use Nikon 9000 ED and 5000 ED with integral digital ICE

A1scan offers a fast and friendly service with accurate scanning by experienced photographers of 35mm up to 4000dpi mounted slides or strip.120 roll up to 4000 dpi and 5x4 film up to 3200dpi written to CD or DVD. The finished scans are suitable for submission to leading image librarys such as ALAMY.

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Tel.    01484 840262 or mobile 07974788671

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